Covid-19 Update Level 4

Update 2nd April:

What a rollercoaster of a week right! YES we are officially registered and OK to ship our products as essential goods - being warm/winter outerwear to provide warmth. We have been listening to you, and thank you for all the messages and enquiries we have received over the past week. We recognise that many parents were not able to adequately prepare prior to lockdown, and don't currently have any alternative option for warm or waterproof clothing for their children. These kids just don't stop growing do they!

We've taken a few days to post this update, as our warehouse is a wee bit backlogged right now. We can only have one person working at a time while we adhere to the appropriate level 4 workplace requirements (and we want to keep our awesome warehouse team safe too!), and right now we are still processing our 2020 shipment that arrived on our doorstep the day we went into lockdown. 

However, we should be back up to speed very soon! We are hoping to be shipping orders by the end of this week. 

We ask that you do shop responsibly over the next few weeks, as we do want to ensure we are supplying essential goods only. Please also keep in mind that we may experience delays as we go along, both within our own warehouse, and with the couriers that we know are working so hard through lockdown to deliver goods that people need. 

If you have any questions at all feel free to drop me a message at 

-Stacey and the team at Therm


Update 26th March: 

I'm sure you are all a bit sick of reading Covid-19 store updates, so I'll keep this brief!

  • At this point in time, we have closed our online store for new orders. You may purchase, but currently we will not be despatching any new orders until the lockdown is lifted. Our home office + customer service is still operating as normal.
  • If you are waiting on an order, please check your inbox as we have provided an update by email.
  • We recognise there will be a real need for warm/waterproof gear in the coming weeks, and we are taking on board all messages & requests we have received. We are actively seeking information and guidance from the Ministry of Business, and will act accordingly.
  • Check out our homepage - we have added an easy link at the top to our Outdoor Activities and Boredom Busters blog, and will be adding more content as we go along.

Once again thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this! We hope you are all staying safe (and sane) at home!

-Stacey and the team at Therm